You'll never be happy chasing money

It’s like my brother a couple of years ago he wanted to be earning 30,000 then he will be happy so he gets it but all his friends are earning more so he wants 60.000 only then he will be happy … So when is he actually going to be happy.

There’s times where he tries telling me he earns more … It never works. I probably could earn 30’000 if I tried but at the cost of my health so I make peace with what I have. Because at least I enjoy what I do.


Yeah. Earn millions if your not happy then that money isn’t going to do anything for you.

Don’t get me wrong. Having enough money to be comfortable and pay all your bills and enjoy life is great. I’ve been there in life and I’ve been dirt poor as well. Still. I’d say I live a pretty rich life with friends and family. My social and emotional needs have always been met and I’ve no complaints.

Be happy in your life @anon80629714 and don’t worry about the others! Your bang on the money pardon the pun!

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Quite a few years ago Jamie oliver did a tour around Italy. It was the journey of his dreams and he zipped around the glorious country with a camera crew in tow. On the eve of his birthday, he sat there miserable wondering what life was all about, complaining.

He had everything, fame money, wife and kids and still he could not stop from feeling sorry for himself. In a daze of depression he was soon reminded of how damn lucky he was by his travelling companion, but still it served to remind me that although some people live as gods, they still succumb to the the same bouts of depression and misery as the rest of us.

You are right, those chasing the money or constantly desiring material things can seldom be happy. Once they have it, the satisfaction never lasts. It is a momentarily appreciated thing and soon it wears off and the chase and craving begins again. Trapped in a never satisfying circle of misery.


Well money is still important for example being without pc and internet connection etc sucks and then every once in a while it requires upgrading new hardware don’t forget that too

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I’m.not saying it’s not important. What I’m trying to say is what’s wrong with trying to be comfortable with the earnings you have

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