You need to save yourself

you need to save yourself, save yourself from sz,

it takes a positive outlook and an open mind to try to overcome this but you cant do it on your own, you need the right med(s) and dose and willingness to change,

change those negative thought patterns by distracting your thoughts when needed
this can be done by

  • making a nice drink
  • playing some music
  • going for a walk

try and question all of the negativity and look for positive ways to explain things

  • it wasnt as bad as that because…
  • that cant be right because…
  • that would never happen because…

i am forever questioning things and distracting myself, it is a good way to cope and deal with things

i still need the odd pep talk though so i can phone the crisis line if i am in trouble and also having a friend around to help is a massive help.


It’s funny, because that’s exactly the meaning your userpic has for me. It’s all well and good to dream about some kind of miraculous intervention coming to save you, but when it comes down to it, the person you have to rely on is yourself. And you’re stronger than you think.

Really good post, daydreamer.


e(Y)e Jumped Out of a 65mph Moving Car and Hit a Brick Wall … ,

Don’t Remember and Didn’t Feel a Thing … ,

Sometimes e(Y)e , Even e(Y)e , Could Use a Helping Hand …

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Point taken. I’m really glad you’re still with us.

Jus My Personal Opinion on Such as You Say … ,

Fynde What Guides You … ,

and Remember ,

Tha Truth Father Doesn’t REQUIRE Belief … ,

Your Honest and Good Intentions is What Truly Matters … ,

and Thank You From tha Pit of My Soul …

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