You know what I just realized (ladies)?

I’ve been on these forums for 9 years and I’ve barely embarrassed myself with the women on here. I’ve made a fool of myself and rankled a few women but I think that I’ve only embarrassed myself 50% of the time. This is a huge step for me, lol.


Yeah I don’t really care if I embarrass myself. I mainly think in a rational way anyway.

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This isn’t a dating forum man…


I don’t treat it as one.


But it seems like (from what you describe) you have an invisible points system in your head going on. I just think of the women on this forum as fellow ill people, I’m not constantly worried I might offend them, like their judgement is this severe thing. Really, the only women I’m afraid of offending are the mods, because they can penalize me and limit my activities on here…


I pretty much treat people with respect, man or woman. I’m not constantly worried I might offend them. I was more making a joke. Heck, when I write half the time or read, I’m not always even sure if the person is a female or a male.


Attaboy nick… and good word choice…

@Anon10 you are more rightly inclined, but it’s not unhealthy or invasive…

He’s more keeping his own score… not tabs on his standings with all of them. I’ve never detected @77nick77 having serious interest in expecting anything from any of these girls at all…

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That’s a good thing. Now you only have to make sure that you apply it in real life. Easier said than done, but yes. good luck

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I just hate that when girls finally do get around to entertaining me I always provide them a good time…

What blows is I keep getting kicked out of that zone and I can’t maintain my natural character.

Just teasing and playing around is about all I ever get and then total ignorance… I think it is like being used… but I don’t like the phrasing.

No wait that makes total sense… I’ve been used… I’ve been played… that’s why I was so frustrated with women for a while there.

I’ve decided to fold and just let my mind keep entertaining the idea of them… it’s better than the jostle and I’d rather get over the disdain than have it looming out there.

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