You feel someone else is present in your mind?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Don’t we all?

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Yep. Mr Thoughtless, an hebephrenic voice plus 3 main voices, and the mustache of Captain Beefheart.

When i don’t take medications i turn into Mr. Hyde.

What about you @Heigen5?

Yes, it’s the devil and he’s really annoying :frowning:

I have others visiting my body + have voices all the time.

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Do they control you? Mr Thoughtless controls my facial expressions and gestures and mouth

Yes - Alien is present in my mind and so is Sarah.

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I feel like the government has constant access to my mind through a brainchip. They put thoughts in and steal my thoughts away from me.

I’m always myself inside my mind. The voices/entities are all exterior… I hear them exclusively in my right ear. I have intrusive thoughts sometimes, but they’re my thoughts. Different aspects of myself, but always me.

I feel that I’m sick. My mental illness is spreading into my body. But nobody in my brain. I think I don’t have schizophrenia. But my mind is very quiet. I think there’s nobody there …not even myself.

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Sometimes Bethany and Earth.God do things while I’m sleeping. Occasionally hear them during the day. Bethany orders stuff off of Amazon sometimes
I usually catch it in time. Before it goes through.
Earth.God writes powerful poetry.
Apparently my body is busy at night. No wonder I’m always tired in the morning

I went 9 days with no antipsychotic, and someone appeared in my mind. Usually, it is just me.

I put yes because I think it is possible.

There is my male voice (who i’ve deliberately not named, i refuse to give it more power than it already has) that occurs in my head. Feels as though my voices have been inserted into my head from an external source, although i’m not sure where. Which is very frustrating because i can’t “turn it off” so to speak. So i try my best to just ignore them. I can usually ignore the other voices because they just say nonsensical things that don’t really related to anything, but the male voice is hard to ignore because he’ll speak directly to me.

Not just in my mind, don’t forget all the live spooks running around both in and outside my house.
Just ask the which one paints while I’m gone for my re than 6 hours at a time.
Did I mention eats my food in the fridge too?

Over the past 2-3 months I’ve been seeing shadow people and feeling like someone is behind me tuning after me. I don’t think I’ve moved that fast in my entire life! I’m currently on a regimine of meds that were just up till 3 months ago were helping me, and then they’ve been failing on me. I’m also hearing people talk behind me. I have ptsd too, and although I’m safe, I’m very scared and I’ve tried everything. Anyone could help that would be great!

Yeah, well the shadow people keep walking in front of side of me.

Yes my subconscious

Yeah, Jerry Lewis.


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