You don't want to burn moneyl

Just because it’s irreplaceable.

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moneys not irreplaceable

Would you prefer to barter?

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oh you mean all the monies

I’ll give you one goat for your theory about money.

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Money helps the world go round. It’s good in some ways because it hooks up need to desire but honestly we should be a bit more advanced about things these days for sure.

It’s an artificial system and it’s cruel on some people in society and not others. It’s very one sided and you just need money to make more money…

To be successful you don’t need to be too intelligent. You just need more money. So it puts most people out of the loop from making more money straight away…

So. If your poor your cruelled and your out of the loop for things like food and medical care and honestly most western nations are rich enough to provide food, shelter and medical care…even psychiatric care…

That you don’t get that care is rubbish but that is why we have politics. You get what you deserve in some respects. It sucks but that is how economics works…and people will tell you otherwise but hey…If you have money you keep it over everyone else!

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This AI generated drawing did not turn out quite as expected, but it’s still interesting enough to post.

I have lost it and replaced it several times in my life. Not pleasant, but doable.

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