It's only money

Money is a tool for the effective functioning of commerce. It is not power nor is it love. Young kids, I’m suggesting you keep that in mind when you are choosing your interests and your careers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, money isn’t even health. Or skill. Or knowledge. Or wisdom. Or loyal relationships. Or immune to ravages of high inflation.

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But it is food. Rent. Utilities. Meds.

If you’ve been forced to live without those things, money is important. Privilege is what allows peoplw to say money isn’t important.


Touche. :neutral_face:

I was forced to live without the ability to earn it and ended up in a state hospital. Psychosis isn’t really privilege. But I do see your point.

Absent the character traits that create money, it’s only going to be used up if someone gives it to that person.

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Yes. I was given SSI when I got sz. I did not have the self esteem to work full time.

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I’m broke af and say money is a tool from the ruling class to rule over everyone, poor people give rich people power the way money is set up, I grew up poor til I was 18 and made good money til sz and now poor again. We’re brainwashed and backed against the wall to value money over everything. In a perfect world money is just used for transactions, but alas this is not a perfect world. I am not priveleged and say money is bulls*it.


Money is important to decide what activity we want to do in other words where we want to invest this money. If this activity is beneficial for the community, you’ll earn more money etc… Interesting system in my opinion, but hopefully everyone can join the game…

Just like bull shitt, money is a necessity. Can’t ask a bull not to shitt.

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Brainwashed is a strong word, but I do believe that there are people with an agenda to get some people to value money more than they should.

It isn’t that I agree with this sentiment, but it seems to be a common one:

It’s very common. People in a place of privilege never like it when it is pointed out. Just how it is. Look at how ticked people get when you talk about white privilege.

Having enough to eat is a privilege. So is having your bills paid. It’s not a right, sadly, so of course it’s a privilege.


Well, I had a psychotic episode because I valued money more than being careful with my conscience. I don’t intend to make that mistake again.

That dichotomy seems to exclude any form of agency. Interesting but sad.

Can you explain that quote, @Rosenthal I don’t understand it.

It refers to a moment in the movie “Gone with the Wind” (and possibly the book) in which the main character, who had been very privileged, went very hungry. She swore to God that she would never be hungry again, even if she had to lie, steal, or kill.


Thank you. I never saw that movie though I heard a lot about it.

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Money is a neutral thing. It’s people that make it good or evil.

Compare feeding the poor and building them houses, to killing for money and exploiting the earth and animals

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Two points. One, character traits don’t determine whether someone will make money. It depends on a whole host of factors, such as education, skillsets, mental and physical ability, and whether the person’s talents are deemed marketable by our society.

Two, even if it were true, so what? People need to eat. People need a safe place to stay. People donct deserve to die of poverty bevause they have different character traits. Even the most violent criminals still have the right to food and shelter. I would gladly keep giving money to someone who never became self-sufficient before I stood idly by and watched that peraon die.