You Can Do This!

I’ve been hospitalized 5 times now over the past 10 years because of my schizophrenia…

But after each episode, I’ve picked myself up and carried on. I’m on 20mg of Abilify. It seems to be doing the trick for the moment.

I continue to be gainfully employed…enjoy the loves of my life (my twin daughters and wife)…and look forward to a future filled with more accomplishments and wonder! Never stop wondering about the possibilities. They are out there for the taking.

Believe in yourself. Make it happen!

You TOO can do this!


F*ck You schizophrenia!!!


Cool good to hear you making it. Personally nobody wants me to gain in the monetary sense. Feel content with doing more with less anyway. Maybe that will change

it’s hard to get up again after a break down and hospitalization. Good for you.