Yet another serious mental health crisis! Might collapse one day

Hi everyone. I was doing pretty good at the start of May with a med up, niacin, GABA supplements, taurine, and glycine. Stable, AND enjoying life.

My psoriasis was out of control, it was unbearable. A coworker suggested I take slippery elm powder. I Googled it, it said that slippery elm may interfere with the absorption of medications. Here goes. I tried it, it did help my digestive problems, but not my psoriasis. I was on that for 3 weeks.

Then, I got extra hours at work. My anxiety was escalating, I was drained, my psoriasis was outrageous due to my anxiety. Then something went wrong and I couldn’t get but 3 hours of sleep. I just knew-I was going to go into mania. The mushroom cloud went off in my brain. I was upset about something, I had an emotional breakdown. And that caused the insomnia.

Severe mania for 2-3 days, then blew up into a frightening acid trip. I crossed the boundary and couldn’t feel the effects of my Ativan. Couldn’t feel the relief. Godawful. I fought like hell to not panic because that would trigger a traumatic hallucinatory spell. I had to tell my boss I had to leave yesterday. I can’t handle this anymore. My job is mentally and physically demanding. Lucky me, I have a respiratory infection- actually sick!

There was work to be done during my mania. Finished the work, today the mania is over. I wrote a long letter to my sister. I told her things that I needed to get out. All the pain from my past. I have been bulimic and anorexic for 23 years. All the hurt of self-hatred, social ineptitude, depression in childhood and adolescence, Again, I try to reconcile with myself and STOP THE HATE!

Also, I finally told someone about my suffering from chronic serotonin deficiency, The anxiety, depression, rage, overeating, compulsive picking and scratching, edginess, agitation, feeling drained. It all bloody sucks!
My doggone system just will not convert 5-HTP into serotonin. It did before. I don’t know what’s wrong! I was ashamed and angry with myself that I’d think about it, want it like one would alcohol or drugs. I had a very useful mania. My mind was a mess, but my perspective was crystal clear. A person suffers, they want something to relieve it. Why should that be shameful?

Much better today. In a few days, I have to wean myself off the Ativan, because I’m developing a tolerance. Sick of bloody voices, I want my peace. 2 more weeks without slippery elm, my Invega can get through and it will all be better.:slight_smile:

Sounds like you have come through the worst for now. That seems like it would be a very scary experience.

Have you tried all the stuff mentioned here ?..i know you mention 5-HTP not working, and you were taking niacin, but there are other things too
Other B vitamins besides niacin are important as well…

Yeah, I take a full orthomolecular regimen. Vitamin C, niacin, B-complex, fish oil, selenium, magnesium. I think I’m going to make the expensive investment in Omega 3-6-9. I read online that essential fatty acids are essential for proper brain function. Always striving for better mental clarity, cognition and memory. I also take soy lethicin for choline, was on Ginkgo Biloba but quit due to anxiety. Serotonin was the A#1 thing for my cognition and memory. Sucks! Damn body! I starve myself all day but drink a diet protein shake every day, so that my system has everything it needs without many calories. I take a multivitamin too. Thanks! :smile:

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Yes, do that. It does help with brain function. I don’t take the supplements as i eat tons of salmon, and other fishes with O3, and i was getting an olive oil that had the extra fatty acids in it…