Yesterday was a great day

It was my brother’s birthday and my sis i never see was in town for a wedding. MY dad came out and set up a camp site and made some delicious shrimp. I was up until 1 am talking with my sis. Had a major breakthrough in overcoming my delusion and hallucination that every one is telepathic. Its funny when I explain to people what I go through how it really breaks down the barrier. We are all just human, what I am going the pressures of my hallucinations is to be perfect 24 7 but no one is perfect. I went to bed with a quiet head for once. The voices were still there but it was like a wall was erected between me and them and they stayed quiet. So my hallucination is definitely not real. All these people love and don’t care about all the ■■■■ i worry myself with. Any case time with family has been godsend to me since the onset of my illness. Just checking in with you guys. Hope you had excellent weekends for yourselfs.


It’s good to have a great weekend. My weekend has be kind of “meh”. My mind is so blank. Not able to do any studying this weekend.

thats great @BryanAshley sounds like you had a really good time and a breakthrough as well.

I always feel happy when people relay that they are reconnecting with siblings and other family.

I’m glad you had this chance to reconnect and let your family get to know you again.

Congratulations. It sounds like your getting better and stronger everyday.

Glimpses of calm can turn into… Moments of calm… that can turn into hours of calm… that can turn into days of calm… on and on…

May your moments soon become months…

Thanks J and Daydreamer. Yeah it really was like something clicked and now the voices are barely audible. Had to wait a few days to be sure it wasn’t a fluke, but Something in my subconscious must have been toggled and all the sudden my worldview changed and the schizophrenic side of my brain got a little weaker. I must say i’m excited to be alive and get better.

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really glad to hear of your progress @BryanAshley. Keep up the good work !!