Something weird happened to me today

I woke up this morning, and there were no voices to greet me. I immediately got out of bed, as apposed to laying there for 3 hours wondering if it was even worth it.

I walked to the store to get some food, i was not paranoid about people talking about trying to kill me, i didnt think anyone was trying to read my mind, and i didnt have huge anxiety about everyone i walked past…and yes still no voices.

There has been no dimension changes, my walls havnt melted…no bugs crawling around on my ceiling. I am not depressed, rather, self confident and, for the first time in a year, happy. \

I feel emotions, which is something that barely happens. I am sitting here typing this with a huge smile on my face

I have asked myself why this is happening several times today, as i am not even medicated. I have come to realize that it doesnt matter why, that i should just enjoy it, because tommorow it will prlly be back to business as usual.

It seems, at least for today, i am sz free.


Wishing you many more days like this.


regardless of the reason why or how long it lasts, you have been given indisputable proof that your mind can overcome its ails. any muscle (even a psychological one) that can be flexed can be made even stronger.

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This is a very good thing. I hope today goes as well for you. Having a day off from the symptoms is always amazing.

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sooo glad ur having a good day hunni xxx

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I’m happy for you! That’s a great feeling, when you feel truly alive for the first time in a while. Maybe your sz is lifting, not just for today (well, really yesterday) but for a long time?


That type of news is fantastic proof. You now have proof that there is a version of you that I wouldn’t call weird at all. I’d say if your voices and stuff don’t come back anytme soon. That is proof of the new you! Don’t want to jump the gun. You made it happen once. Now make it happen daily.

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thanks for the replies.

Unfortunantly, today it was back to business as usual, but im going to get back on my medication Friday when i see my doc. so hopefully i have more days like yesterday.


Yeah I used to often mistake unusual feelings as a sign of wellness. When really its a sign of lack of meds. Its common to experience odd wonderful feelings when off your meds, that usually last up to a few days. But the illness will hit like tsunami and you will think that your feel good delusion is reality. Pretty scary I been there.

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at first congratulations and secondly tell us what have you eaten yesterday?

seeing as to how i couldnt see or taste the posions in my food i ate really good. walked to the store, got some pizza, a tuna sandwhich, a yogurt, a salad, and a two liter of coke.

for dinner i had a steak and asparagus with mashed potatoes.

it felt great to eat real food instead of the one or two candy bars a day i usually eat. Hopefully after my doc appt today the meds i get will help me stop seeing things in my food.

if you meant the day before it happened i didnt eat anything at all i dont think,.,maybe a snickers bar and a bag or chips or something

I hate it when that happens. I get hit with a wonderful euphoria and my sneaky brian jumps up and down shouting “yeah… yeah :smile:” and then a day or so later I can barely function and I’m seeing fire, bugs, personal earthquakes.

No I just chalk good feelings up to a passing phase and keep taking my meds. Which depresses me a little that I can’t trust when things are feeling good.

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I hope everything goes well with your doctor today.

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you have had good food and 2 liters of coke which have much caffeine in it, maybe thats responsible for that, what do you think that was responsible for that weird thing happend to you?

It did go well!

She was mad because i havnt seen her in forever at first…she thought i was just lazy, then i explained to her that i thought the meds were poisoned and she completly understood, and talked me through it.

Started olanzapine 10mg and prozac 20mg. hopefully it works out.


I have no idea…maybe it was just god giving me a much needed break. Or he was showing me what life could be like if i was properly medicated. Tried not to over think it to much honestly.

However it shows that your brain is not damaged mainly and as you said with proper medication you can have a normal life so congratulations again.

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it’s proof that you can overcome schizophrenia without medication. the mind is chaos beyond what the human language can do justice to, and that’s essentially why you’re schizophrenic in the first place. your reality has been divided up, as all of man’s has, by his language (which, need i remind you, is another man’s creation, so who’s to say it suits our psyches for the good, and not to render us slaves running at 10% cognition?).

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