"Yes, medications can play a very important role in your care, but I believe that the most powerful way to change your brain chemistry is through food" (pro keto diet)

Low-Carbohydrate Diet Superior to Antipsychotic Medications

Case Number One: A Woman Finds Natural Relief

“The first story is of a 31-year-old woman who was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder eight years ago. Trials of TWELVE different medications, including Clozapine, a powerful antipsychotic agent considered by many psychiatrists to be the medication of last resort due to its risk of serious side effects, were unsatisfactory. She had also undergone 23 rounds of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT or what used to be called “electric shock treatments”), yet remained troubled by serious symptoms. She decided to try a ketogenic diet with the hope of losing some weight. After four weeks on the diet, her delusions had resolved and she’d lost ten pounds. At four months’ time, she’d lost 30 pounds and her score on a clinical questionnaire called the PANSS (Positive and Negative Symptom Scale), which ranks symptoms on a scale from 30 (best) to 210 (worst), had come down from 107 to 70.”

If this diet meant my delusions would go away I would do it. I really don’t think it would help with my delusions.


I wonder if they are totally off medications now??

Good article.

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Some people (a tiny minority) have celiac disease. I think this diet helps those.

But there are single case studies for everything. These are nothing more than anecdotes.

The keto diet doesn’t cure schizophrenia.


The article makes a very bold claim in its title.

These kind of articles are dangerous, IMO.

There has been no clinical research to suggest that low carb diets are superior to antipsychotics. Unless there has been and I have just never heard of them. It would be news to me though.


Diets are proposed as therapies for all kinds of illnesses. It’s usually a sham.


Also, being a 70 on the PANSS is definitely not even close to cured. At most, she found slight relief.


I agree that articles like this are dangerous. They make bold claims that could cause some people to go off their meds. Very irresponsible of the people who conducted this study.


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