Yer not supposed to tell children you don't want 'um

Yeah, cuz they didn’t ask to be born and can’t help it they are only dependent children.


Man, my mom used to imply to me all the time that she never wanted kids. She even said in her next life she wouldn’t have them. Made me feel horrible since she told me I was the reason she quit college.

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My Mom told me she didn’t want me, too. She made it even worse by saying she did want my sister. Left me wide open to jealousy.

My brother was the planned baby. I was a very jealous child to the point that I attempted to kill him several times (which I did not remember ever doing, but my parents and brother all say it happened, so it must have). Luckily my brother and I get along now. But our parents really divided us purposefully.

Same here with my sister. We get along now mainly because our parents are dead. So it isn’t an issue.

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My parents were conscientious and caring, and they had just one fault, and it was nearly a fatal one.

My mom wanted a lot of kids, but she told me several times how inconvenient I was because they had just adopted my brother when they found out she was pregnant with me. He’s 7 months older than me and was born addicted to cocaine so he was pretty high needs. I got ignored and left to fend for myself a lot growing up. I got sick of it and moved out when I was 16.

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My parents never told me they didn’t want me, but they left me and my older sister at my grandmother’s once and took my younger sister with them to live.

Yeah, wait and let them figure it out themselves when they become teenagers.

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My mom used to say that she was going to “run away” and “leave us kids all alone to fend for ourselves”. I never took her seriously though. She was the type of person that if she ever got mad, people would just laugh. My dad was the opposite of her. People took his anger very seriously.

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My mom never flat out told me she didn’t want me, but her actions spoke volumes. She always beat me, played favorites with my younger brother, and always blamed me for everything. I never did anything right. My aunt thinks some of that trauma caused my sz told appear early on in my life. She definitely ignored my symptoms. She ignored me needing glasses, my teeth fixed, my anemia, and my suicide attempts.

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When I was super young my mom would say repeatedly that she wished she never had kids and guilt trip me by saying she didn’t have a career because she had kids and talk about how we kids were so expensive. Now that I’m older she denies pretty much everything she has ever done. Now that I have schizophrenia and have decided to not have kids cuz I don’t want to pass on sxhizophrenia she keeps shoving it in my face and going on and on about how wonderful it is to have kids and how cute we were. She keeps trying to convince me to have my own babies. I’ve talked about maybe adopting kids when they are already five years old or so so that I can have kids and keep my potential career but she keeps telling me how they will always want their real parents. I probably wouldn’t be allowed to adopt anyways because I have severe depression and schizophrenia. I’m on the fence about trying to adopt if I ever get married. I also feel that to marry someone and expect them to raise only adopted kids instead of their own would be unfair. I’ve thought about having them have their own kids with either an egg donor or just already have children of their own but then I’d feel frustrated that the kids would belong to a different biological mother. I feel like I really only want kids if they are adopted and have parents that already passed away so That they don’t go searching for Them. I feel like at this point in my life that kids would be a colossal amount of work and I really only want to do it if it is for an orphan so that it is helping humanity and not just for my own selfish reasons.

I’m so sorry, @Cici2. Everyone should have a loving mother.

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