Yeah they found me alright

So, after i was taken over and terrified and just plain ■■■■■■ over for about a month i ended up across the country dying in some city.

They ran me ragged in that city, chasing me around yelling at me and ■■■■, i saw light beings and she even spoke to me while i open mouthed stared at her in a tree.

Some guy showed up and tried to convert me to his church even, the demons torturing me clued me in that that was their church so i didn’t go, the guy even tried to say that he had power over the spirits which i just knew was full of ■■■■.

I mean, come the ■■■■ on, we’re men, we don’t rule spirits, that much is obvious.

So, how do you think they found me?

But swinging some idiot crystal over a map, it pointed to where i was, and why woulnd’t it know where i was because they were there ripping me apart.

How magical that is, to have the ones hurting me tell you where i was with a stupid damn crystal hanging over a map, how very magical.

“Yep! There he is, in this city, where we are killing him slowly!” They shouted at the map.

■■■■■■■ assholes.

In the power of Jesus we CAN rule spirits!
As for people finding you…everyone gives off a specific brain wave pattern which is an electrical pattern recognizable by both spirits and certain technologies…Once cataloged you can be tracked anywhere, so it doesnt matter. there are some shielding techniques like Velostat material will keep out some types of radio waves that target people…others go to extremes and build a Faraday cage…but the most important is solid faith in God as the most powerful being and you being connected by Spirit with God…

Whether or not you believe that some people can control spirits the odds are this guy couldn’t. Statistically speaking of course.

They are quite good in finding people. When I left Atlanta in March 2000 and went to Miami and then checked in one motel, the only time I used motels in my 780 days in my auto. I went to my room and soon a telephone rang and a woman said ‘they got somebody in radar’. I had just used my credit card few minutes earlier.

I wish there was some middle ground. The hardest most difficult burden of proof is that truth is complex. Where one might experience temporal epilepsy as something completely non-spiritual, another might glean insights from their extra sensory perceptions. Scientists would call this absurd, spiritualists would call it insight into the anatomy of the soul. We are all connected, we are all bridges to each other. In a better world, sicknesses would be healed and learned from. My core drives me to the belief that the mystics were onto something phenomenal, but look at how it’s been driven down over the centuries. Is schizophrenia perhaps more socially complex than we know? I’ve studied a bit about what has been done in the name of psychiatry. Did you all know that after Vietnam a huge portion of undocumented accounts of lobotomies existed against veterans and dissidents? People deny that this will ever happen again with a sort of stubborn false belief in the system and yet here we are after how many violent wars fought in the name of democracy and freedom? How often have our freedoms been undermined and then people carry on like it never happened? While my dad is rooting for laws to promote easier outpatient incarceration because the judicial system has ignored my mom’s mental health issue and refuses to hospitalize her even when she’s sick. So is this going to change ANYTHING? Will it change west virginia’s broken mental health and judicial system? Will it promote better and humane treatment for the mentally unwell? Are people doing anything at all?

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