Yeah not sure how to feel

Just some things rambling around my brain. My mom said after not talking to my brother for four weeks that he was in fact emotionally and physically abusive to me since before I could walk. It took her until I was 30 years old to admit her son is an ■■■■■■■!

Second my mother in law said she loved me and worried about me because, " you’re not easy to love and you are a very complicated person" um…huh?

That sounds like an emotional abuse tactic to me :confused: like saying “you’re not easy to love but I love you so you should be grateful”.

Sorry to hear about how your brother was awful to you.

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It just caused me to think a little. My partner said I’m easy to love because all I do is give love or something like that. I don’t know. My mom said my brother is abusive to her and my dad. She doesn’t think he will get ssi back. She wants to move away and have my brother move in with one of my uncles.

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