I don't know how to feel

My mother in law and partner talked to me today. They said with all the problems I’m having with voices that I should go to the hospital. Then they said that they don’t want to my case manager over at my in-laws house anymore. She is there to see me and she is not my friend but she could put everyone in jail over the littlest comment made by me.


So you live with your inlaws? I’m sorry if you said that earlier and I missed it.

What do you think? Do you think it might be good for you to spend some time in the hospital? I know it isn’t fun but sometimes it is necessary.

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Your in-laws are garbage people from what I’ve read. I’m not surprised they wouldn’t want a social worker or case manager around them. The case manager is there to help you, and it’s important they know the environment you’re in, in my opinion.


You pay rent so you can have whomever you want over see you.

The case worker is there to help you. They can also provide protection and advise to you about how to handle your in laws. I can well imagine your in laws are nervous–they’re probably worried the case worker will pick up on their abuses.


I talked it over with my clinical nurse yesterday she feels I can best cope with symptoms at home but if it becomes too much go to the ER again.

@Moonbeam my in-laws feel like my case manager could throw them all in jail and they said they will read my journal and find out what I wrote about them


@Moonbeam is right. It sounds like they are the ones that are being paranoid or maybe they do have something to hide in how they treat you. If the nurse says you will do better in your home, she would probably know certainly better than them.


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