Xeplion/paliperidon injections - is 100mg/month a high dose?

  1. Is 100mg of Xeplion/paliperidon per month in injection form a high doese? I get when you get it in the form of pills e.g. 10, 15, 20mg/day. Is it as simple as just dividing 100/30 = 3,3mg/day. Is then 3,3 mg of Xeplion/paliperidon per day alot. Like, is it a low, moderate or high dose?

  2. Also, if in the future one wants to wean oneseflf off of this drug, with the help of a doc, how easy/difficult is it?

  3. Are injections more harsh on the brain than pills? More “addictive”?

  4. Anyone who has experience with Xeplion/paliperidon monthly injection? Would you like to share your experience?

Many thanks in advance.

Hello mate. Im on 100mg Xeplion IM Injection. Been told its fairly high, but i also top my APs up with Quietiapine 300mg at night.

Not sure if its hard to come off it - as i have no intention too - i realise i need to be medicated so im not about to stop it.

According to what ive been told by a CPN - its less harsh - as unlike its brother Risperadone, it doesnt have to metabolised in the liver. And ive been told with the jab you get less side effects (And ive never had any).

I have absolutly no problems with it - apart from a delayed dull ache type pain at the injection site a couple days later.


I’m on 50mg a month which is the lowest therapeutic dose.

I get the 156mg monthly injection. I started with 234mg which was the highest dose and successfully got it lowered. I want to go even lower but am a little scared. I don’t plan to stop taking this medication because I need it. I do have side effects which is sexual dysfunction. I also get bumps on the injection site which eventually go away after some time.

I’ve been taking this medication for more than a year now and haven’t gained any weight and do have functionality. I work 6 days - 42 hours a week as a cashier, go to the gym 3 - 4 days out of the week, read books, listen to podcasts, and generally try to stay stress free. I still have random thoughts and my mind races here and there but I’m not delusional anymore, don’t hallucinate, don’t talk to myself, maintain my hygiene, have insight into my illness, do get paranoid sometimes but overall I’m doing a lot better than where I was a year ago.

What is start dose for Invega shots.I don’t want to be undermedicated.I take 4mg Risperdal.

Ok,I googled it.