Depot injection question

I’m on 75mg Xeplion (invega equivalent 117mg). I read that 75mg injection equals 6mg paleperidone, but from loading phase I still got 75mg Xeplion in my system after a month of injection. So when I get injected again, my body has 150mg Xeplion, does that mean that my body has at the injection day 12mg Invega or 6mg Risperidone? (That’s why I’m thinking lowering the dose)

I take abilify mantinia it is 400 mg once a month like any depot shot it releases in smaller dose thru the month. so when you get you next shot it is of or about the same mg and then your body absorbs it thru time thru the month I believe.

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The medicine gets used over time so you are again ready for 75mg which was gone after a month so you should not lower injection

Call your pharmacist. They’ll be able to tell you.

The trickery is a day before injection my body has 75mg and after ir it has 75 mg due to medication half life. I was initially injected 150mg and after week 100 mg and then after month 75. Been getting 75mg for 7 months, I’ve calculated that before my every injection my body has 75mg already

75 mg pure paliperidone
117 mg paliperidone palmitate
First number that count
If it is injected it is stored in muscle and release palpieridone from the complex paliperidone palmitate release paliperidone over long period of time thats month
Release very slowly all the time
and in the same time some of it is metabolized and excerted from body system as function of liver and kidney
That concentration over time

If not injected again after 30 day
Paliperidone will get out of system as very small amount remain after 30 days
I hope i made it clear for you

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Ive been on 100 Xeplion (paliperadone palmitate) 4 weekly jab for a couple of years now - but i have no idea how that translates into how much Mg per day. Could someone enlighten me?

It seems to leave my system pretty sharpish too - cos i always notice going downhill slightly when its due.

When you take oral
not all what you swallow reach blood circulation
some of it
That called bio availability
After absorption over hours concentration reach it is peak after absorption then decrease until it get out of system …then you need another dose
The part that reach circulation over day of oral 6 mg paliperidone per day equal the part is released over day by 117 mg paliperidone palmitate depot injection per day
Here is conversion from oral to depot

I hope i clarified that matter

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