Is my dose high

Is 100mg xeplion monthly injecting a high dose? It’s all I take

Its medium. I was on 75mg and I found it to not to be effective and in the end I relapsed on it and got put on haldol now.

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Some med resistant get 150mg every two weeks

Wow thats rough. I Will probebly tell my doctor to lower the dose in the future.

Dont lower it if it works. 50mg is a therapeutic dose and 75 is supposed to be minimum effective dose. 100mg i think hits a sweet spot. On 75mg I was getting more paranoid and having mini-psychosis episodes until one day I was hit with big ass pasychosis and spent 9 weeks in a hospital.

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Okej thanks it works Great right now but I have a hard time concentrating. But I guess I have to live with it. Can have evry thing in life😑

I managed after a year on it to graduate from university and work for 50hrs a week. Its a good drug but needs to get used to it. However it is notorious for just stop working one day

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100 mg equal to 4mg daily oral dosage.and this is maintenance dosage.i m also taking invega equal to 100 mg.

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Try abilify, I read some research on it that it won’t just stop working all of a sudden

Im on haldol, it looks its working just fine so far. My country doesnt like prescribing partial antagonists for SZ for some reason…

How about other 2nd gen ap like lurasidone or ziprasidone? You get less movement disorder on those

My country does something like this: you get SZ and get prescribed risperidone, then if you relapse then haldol and if you then relapse you get clozapine and end of story. Pdocs arent really picky and they often prescrive massive amounts of quetiapine just because

I get 150 mg of xeplion once a month, 4 mg of risperidone daily and at least 50 mg of quietiapine. If I feel unwell I can take additional 50 mg of quietiapine. 1000 mg of metformin and 100 mg of fenifabrat.

Lol where are you from, could at least try asking for ziprasidone as it is totally weight neutral if you can afford it

100 mg invega depo is equal to 6 mg invega pills and that is a baby dose