Xeplion or riserpdal consta

Which is better xeplion 50mg or risperdal consta 25mg which has worked better for you and has lesser side effects

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Well of course 50mg Invega is more effective than 25mg Risperdal if both injected for the same amount of time. They’re basically the same med metabolite, max oral dose Invega is 12mg while max oral dose Risperdal is 8mg.

Honestly both have similar side effects, mainly high prolactin which lowers testosterone and sex drive.

But the xeplion is once a month and the risperdal every 2 weeks have you tried xeplion before

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Oh that changes things. According to online dosages 1mg risperdal is more effective than 1mg Invega. I am on 6mg Risperdal pills.

I have high prolactin and low testosterone due to Risperdal but I read that Invega does that too since its almost the same med as Risperdal.

That’s a lot but is 50 mg every 28 days like 1.80 mg a day is that the same as 1.80 mg on pills

Xeplion 100ml dose or whatever you call it. Took me 2 months to tolerate the bugger tho lol.

Is there also a 50ml

Is there also a 50ml of 50mg once a month

Dont quote me - but last time i had the leaflet the lowest dose was 75mg? Im sure im right - sorry its been years. (yeah 4 weekly)

Sorry Duff link uk only.

Google “paliperidone”

Sorry idk know whats the equivalent doses of injections to oral but I think I had a document about that but for Invega/Xeplion:

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Risperdal consta caused me to sleep 4 hours at night, and gave me terrible diahreia.
It also tends to be effective until day12 so you have to suffer 2 days until next shot.

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I had diarrhea on Abilify but not on Risperdal.

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I also had on Abilify, but three times six months of risperdal I could not tolerate…

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How long did u take risperdal

Both have difficulty sleeping listed as sideffect
If you been on pills and it doesnt work so good injection might be worth trying

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