Xanomeline and Lumateperone

Did anyone try any of those medications for negative and cognitive symptoms?
I am specifically interested in Xanomeline which stimulates muscarinic M1/M4 receptors.

Sadly in Canada, FDA approved drugs take more than 5 years to become available. They take even more time to be covered by insurance according to my psychiatrist. Xanomeline will begin Phase 3 trials by end of this year so it will take more than 10 years before it becomes available in Canada and I will be over 40 by then :frowning:
But its always good to have hope that I will get my life back someday before I die of a heart attack because I have hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and beginning to become diabetic, all at 29 y.o. because of antipsychotics.
I gained 150Lb since I was on antipsychotics.

I tried most antipsychotics, they only work for positive symptoms. I am on Latuda and I can only eat, watch Netflix and sleep. I can’t work, go to the gym, have friends, have a gf (She left me since I was diagnosed). I never go out of my parent’s house or bring friends and they are about to put me out because I am only consuming and useless.

Xanomeline gives me hope because it doesn’t cause metabolic diseases side effects that I developed and more importantly it shows promise in improving negative and cognitive symptoms.


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It is always good to keep hope and positive.

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