Have Doctor talk to you guys about Lumateperone yet?

Still waiting for it in Canada.

Well, my clinical nurse knows about it, but just waiting for Canada to release the drug.

It haven’t been out yet. Hope to see more review when it comes out in USA.

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I’ve been thinking of asking my doctor about it because it has the different dopamine profile I’m a little scared to be an early adopter but it may be a really good fit who knows.

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My doctor and I discussed it as a possibility for me, but I’m too stable on my current med to risk a change right now.


What is it’s dopamine profile?

It’s a partial agonist.


I’m interested in it. Life is good now, but I still have moderate low libido.

I’ll wait for release in England and I’ll read some reviews on it when it’s released. Everyone reacts differently to meds. Should be interesting.

I’m in the same situation. I don’t want to change because I’m really stable with Abilify.

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