Wu cover song

I love metal but I also love the wu tang clan…going to highschool in Germany solidified this love…due to their popularity in Europe and their ban from american radio…good band covering a cool wu song with my fav wu member…


do you speak german?

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Enough to order a drink ein wadka bitte…or cuss you or hit on your sister but I got a d in German…the teacher was Mr Magoo incarnet…I couldn’t focus…they all speak English…so no I don’t speak much deutch…

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Where in Germany did you go to high school?

Rammstein…and yes I watched rammstein do du hast in rammstein…

Aha! Your tagline has changed. I had to Google bronie.

Oh no I picked on pixel earlier ! This is a 1 sided battle…I’m no bronie lol

Show us your cutie mark! Don’t worry, there’s a precedent for butt pics on this forum.

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