Anybody up for a chat?

Can’t sleep wide awake! Who’s up for a conversation? Music? Sports? Career? Stress? Health?

I’m at work right now, but I can chat a little between customers and doing other work. I’m listening to some Rammstein and eating a cup of ramen noodles. I don’t like ramen noodles, but it’s what I had.

What’s Rammstein?

Du Hast
Du Hast Meich
Ah ha ha ha (if we’re talking the live version)

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I am watching celebrity big brother
I might make a cup of tea soon
I am trying to avoid thoughts

I haven’t seen big brother in a long time. How’s this version of it?

Not bad something to watch
I also like the voice

What is that? What language is that?

Hehe it’s lyrics to one of Rammsteins most popular songs, Du Hast. It’s industrial hard rock/metal from Germany.

Ooooohhhh cool…I’m into trying new music I’ll look into it.

It’s a very catchy song! Heavy, but catchy!

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Haven’t listened to heavy metal since high school. It will be interesting

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Rammstein ist total schrecklich. :hushed: :smile:

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German insults are just the best!

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So I just listened to Du Hust Rammstein it’s pretty catchy, like the beat and rhythm but I think I’ll stick to my System of the Down and Metallica

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Gaaahhhhhh that’s it I’m moving to Germany!

I got busy here at work and I see that others already explained about Rammstein. I’m now listening to A Perfect Circle, the other band of Maynard James Keenan, the vocalist forTool.

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Y’all have so lost me with this music lol

I love his voice. So melodic and crooning, it really stands out in the genre.

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