My kid loves this song check it out

He stomps his little feet and claps

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That’s a cool song! I would stomp my feet and clap my hands to that as well!

Hah! I remember you posting this song a while ago and then I couldn’t get it out of my head. “Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m a woman with a plan”

For some reason this reminds me a little of polka music (metal meets polka) :smile:
I think you should get the mini flamelet a pair of German lederhosen or whatever the Finnish equivalent would be.


It is polka metal go look at more of their stuff lol

Good song!
2:43 = Me on Wellbutrin. Lol

I have to say, they have some catchy tunes! I guess the German in me finds the polka influences irresistible! :smile:
Oh poop! There is no accordion emoji. :angry:

I wonder if @mjseu has heard of this band?

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Could you recommend an album, perhaps the name of the album this song is from?

My dad used to play the accordion, but not like the guy in this video. I have to say, I really like this music, the mix of metal with accordion and fiddle :blush:

Of course, since most of the songs are in Finnish, I have no idea what the lyrics say (hopefully nothing bad :confused: )


I would like them to come closer than Canada…I like not being able to understand it…

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I’m really liking this band now @flameoftherhine and @Moonbeam!

Have you ever heard of Die Totten Hosen? They’re a German punk band. My sister’s first husband got me into them because he is German.

@anon84763962 @flameoftherhine I have heard of them. I think they have been featured on the show PopXport on Deutsche Welle which is in English if you’d like to check it out—there are lots of good programs on there.

Here’s a direct link to the TV programs


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