Has anyone been Germany?

Would you go …going lake alpsee


some have walked to Germany.

not for vacation…

and some ran there, only stopping to blow their nose.( to sirBoring)

I want to go to Oktoberfest. There’s Blumenau’s Oktoberfest here in Brazil and it’s awesome.

Oh Yea…Hooters

Recall from a previous post that you’re from England. Plane fares to Europe can be as little as $150 right? I would’ve visited all the European countries by now… Haven’t been to Germany but have been to Austria, which was once part of Prussia! Have fun!


Germany was wonderful… They mostly speak English although its always good to learn some of the language… Was there for highschool… But had more german friends …saw a popular German rock band in the town their name comes from… They have good ice cream and gummie bears lol…foods not bad…


I spent two years in Germany when I was in the army. It’s such a beautiful country. Where I live in Oklahoma there are hardly any buildings even a hundred years old, so when I saw all those old buildings in Germany it wiped me out. The historic ambience there is incredible. It’s not just the ambience, but also because every inch of Germany is well taken care of. I’d like to go back for a visit to Germany some day, but I don’t know if that trip will materialize.


I’m from Germany and il be moving back there the end of this year or begging of next! I absolutely love the country. If you have any questions, ask me! Greman is my 1st language, Spanish 2nd, English 3rd but I know it better than soanish, and I can read french cause I used to live 25 min away from france, and 45 from Luxembourg :slight_smile:

I’ve been beat up.
I’ve been low.
I’ve been high.
I’ve been cheated in poker before.

But I’ve NEVER, ever been Germany.

I’m half german and I’ve been going all my life…

its wonderful xxx

I used to go about 3-5 times a year with my (ex) husband, (he) still has a 2nd office over there. We stayed at his business partners house and have traveled throughout Europe…He did many trade shows, and I loved to try all the coffee’s and breakfasts.

Don’t they still have the RORO ferries from England to France?
We drove our car on the ferry, and then watched as more vehicles, and buses loaded on.
Then here comes this freight train rolling on, and I almost peed my pants thinking we were going to sink.

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