Wtf just happened

So i had a great day of working and was relaxing in the couch watching YouTube videos. All of a sudden I felt like an emotional atom bomb went off if my chest. I’m still recovering from this and it happened about an hour afo. Nothing was on my mind and was totally at peace. I’m 22. Could this have just been a totally random panic attack?

I’m fine. It wasn’t a mental thing. Kept my stuff together. I just eould like to know what happened

I had racing pulse in the hospital , although I was calm, they called it a panic attach but I think it was the med I was on for a few days.

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I haven’t had my meds in a week but have been really stable. Maybe my mind got bored and triggered it . Idk but it sucked

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Do you get anxiety?

Yeah pretty bad actually but I wasn’t anxious at the time

Yeah I wasn’t eather but they sent me to the ER and my heart rate hit 180 they called it anxiety attach. I was calm

I measured mine just now and it’s 120. There is no telling how fast it was right when it happened. But that is why I quit smoking marijuan a, heart rate would increase cashing me to panic. Sucks because that’s what I used to do to relieve stress not cause more

Why you off your meds?

The pharmacy filled half of what was bottle said on it this was with 2 different meds and they did it with both of them at the same time. and they told me I was lying when I went back to fix it.

I was like these meds have no street value and no recreational value and my insurance covers them why would I lie about only half filling them? It was ridiculous. So yeah I had to suffer through serouquel and a bi polar med withdraw all at once .

That sucks maybe your doctor can help somehow, if you call the office

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Please go back on your meds…you are important to us.

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Sounds familiar.

When I get hardcore panic attacks, its always when I’m in a relaxed setting, not doing anything.

Its like a delayed reaction to stress.

It just hits you like a wall. Even as a seasoned crazy, I sometimes think I’m actually having a heart attack.

I hate that you’re having to go through this, seroquel withdrawal is not a joke.

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Thank yall. I’m going back on meds tomorrow. @anon54386108 that’s a good explanation. I hate always thinking someone is directly effecting me in an extreme empathy type way.

I have a high heart rate. It could be meds doing it.

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