Wow this forum is dead today

Wake up soitgoes, etc…


Labor Day hangover?

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Things seem a little flat

If I wasn’t on meds I’d go out and get p****


Excuse me Shellys12???

What time is …wherever you are?

It is 4.35 pm
I am waiting to go out for pizza

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1135 I’m at work it’s dead here too but almost lunchtime . I’m on my itouch

Lol I thought u meant ud go out for pussy…oh lol.


No! I meant go out get drunk

Hello @turningthepage what you doing today?

Where are you working?

I’m waiting for my school mentor in the coffee shop.

I work for my dad but he’s selling the business and retiring so need a new job soon. I should enjoy it while it lasts. It’s easy.

I also volunteer Saturdays at a nature place. I feed and clean animals cages and stuff



:smirk: blah.


That’s awesome. Lol I feel like a parasite listening to what you do. :joy:

Sàaaaaaaaaaaam :kissing_closed_eyes:
Where you been man?

Why would you think that, that’s just weird.

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Just hiding from you… :see_no_evil:

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