An ordinary day in Forumland

On the ordinary day in Forum land

@jukebox made another statement to quit
smoking cigarettes
@sleepybug complained about inneffective new diet and 0,001 pounds of weight gain

Sarad changed her profile picture…again

@velociraptor kicked some serious boot
@daimon kept making another occult thread

but SzAdmin made sure they all get locked
@notmoses found the links for the piles of researches
@minnii and Rhubot tried to reasonably discuss another deluded user

@darksith made a joke and got 10 :heart:
@bluey lost internet…again

@turningthepage made another great rap but
Bluey beat him on his own thread

Church kept himself behind the scene
@Butteredtoast kept preaching the benefits of toast…and butter

And no one got offended because all this was just a joke :heart:


To be continued …

What about me Miss Sara!?

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Minnii and I are the Reasonability Twins. It involves matching bracelets and secret handshakes and a hidden lair deep in the forests of Rationality.


Awww nothin’ for little me?
Reasonability twins sounds like a super hero team. pouts more heros to put a down por on my fun :sunglasses:
But you are all are better minds then mine

As I understand it you are a student in psychology. Are you by any
chance using this forum as a research tool, or perhaps us as your
personal test subjects for before you go out in the field?

I hope you like buttered toast @sarad… Because it’s good for you


i thought some of u might be researchers… i didn’t suspect sarad though… :grin:

Yes, we’re all occultists and demon worshippers because we disagree with him. Possibly also Masons. (gasp)


p.s. Hail Satan! Er, Santa. Hail Santa! (Don’t want coal in my stocking.)


Geez, don’t I deserve honorable mention for anything?

Looking great in tight jeans.



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She’s not. Daimon’s misremembering or paranoid or both.

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I never said anyone on here was an occultist or satanic. In other news, my keyboard just got fried. I had to switch to my old one, which turns out to be cleaner and work better than the one I was using,

Hey you guys, all I’m saying is that toast with butter is part of a healthy diet.



If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…


Especially with eggs and bacon.



She made an obscure comment about the occult not being a religion, and so I asked to give her a hard time. I however never said she in fact was occult.

Yeah, you were being a massive dick like usual.


that’s funny :smiley:
@77nick77 everyone knows you are a good bloke. :trophy:
@Derpygirl you have a beautiful mind. :heart:
@Gir bunny :rabbit: hug
@Daimon …i like you…and in my case you would be right…i like dark magic…but maybe no surprise there !?! :imp: .
take care :alien:

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Hey @darksith Of late i having a Harley Quinn type of mind so yea i been staying in safer that way. clown face fun

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