Wouldn't you rather buy a car?

I earned some money as a teen at an A&W root beer stand. With it, I bought a summer at a national music camp and a St. Bernard. On reflecting, I think a much more promising teen would have rather bought a car. If I had it to do over again, I would.


a car would be nice yea… i would get one but i’m not allowed to drive anymore.

Oh yah I’m excited to get into a car in near future — my mom will boost me up from the 1,000 dollars I put down ---- I’ll have a nice Honda Accord, thanks to stimulus checks :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been saving so long now — I’m so looking forward to it


A car might’ve (or maybe did) come with time. You bought an unforgettable experience and a best bud! Don’t beat yourself up too much on this one. Your decisions were good ones.


A car means you would need more money for gas, insurance, repairs, maintenance, etc. I think you were wise to pick fun and friendship.

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I look at all I spent on souped up cars and wish I had invested in real estate. We’re a family of three with four cars. I’d like to work it down to two for my wife and I. One daily driver and one toy used occasionally.

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I like public transport

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