Would you rather hold a pen or a baby?

It requires a changeable arm if I like both. I have to adjust. There’s quite a difference involved.

I was at my dad’s friend’s daughters home yesterday and she has a really cute one year old baby. The baby was giving me the most adorable smiles and she had so much life in her eyes and there was this emotional music on in the background. Cos the baby was dancing with the mum. I actually cried. I was sad cos ill never have a baby. I don’t like being around babies too much anymore I suppose cos I will never have one of my own. So I can’t know how to be with them since it’s just a reminder of wat I’m missing

So yes I’d rather hold a pen.


I was always so stiff about little children that I couldn’t imagine it would feel good to hold a baby. Now that it’s way too late for me to have a baby, I learn different. So I might like to hold other peoples babies a little.

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I’ve always preferred to hold a pen !

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Hold a babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I love babies


A pen, what If I drop the baby :scream:
I’m scared I will drop a baby by any accident.
I prefer to stay away from kid :sweat_smile:


I can juggle pens…:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::llama:


I’d rather hold a pen, I love writing
Babies? Uhhh not very comfortable around them.

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I liked holding my daughter as a baby, but she was MY daughter. No interest in holding other peoples’ babies. I generally like kids when they’re three and up, that’s when they start becoming people and therefore interesting to interact with. Mewling lumps that spew urine and feces, eh, not so much.


I’d like holding a baby if it were mine. Not sure about holding other people’s babies, too much risk to assume.

I held my babies. That stage is not my favorite. I have only held other babies when feel like I must. So at this point in my life I’d prefer a pen.

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I adored MY baby. Other people’s babies? No. I’d much rather hold a pen.

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Have to admit I don’t really like babies. Kids are fun and interesting but babies are a lot of work!

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I’m a class A klutz. So I prefer a pen. I think I have more fingers on one hand than the times I’ve held a baby. I was terrified when I held my oldest niece after she was born. That hand off was scary as ■■■■.

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