Would you move to a group home?

I live in a group home and I’ve always said if I won 10 million on the lottery I wouldn’t move out of here. I would not be able to live independently anyway but if I could I would not buy my own house. Here all my medical appointments are managed by the support staff, they come with me to all appointments they help me with my cooking and cleaning and most importantly I have my fellow peers and friends who I live with who like me for who I am and I like them. I also have lots of different staff for the company. 13 years ago I was forced to live in a group home as I wasn’t coping. but it’s the best move I ever made!

Would you move to a group home or if you live in a group home what’s it like?


Honestly, if anything happens to my husband I’ll have no choice. I’m not ready to work, and I need help in life.


Nope cant afford one too expensive


I live in a group home. They call it an “assisted living center”. Right now I have my own room and a Wi-Fi internet connection. It’s great. It is also good that I have a little compelled socialization. I don’t like it, but if I don’t do it I will become completely cut off. It helps me stay in contact with reality. They treat us pretty well here.


I prefer to live on my own. I have a cleaning lady who helps me keep the place tidy.

But if ever needed I would move to a group home.


Idk. If I needed it. Right now I prefer the privacy and control I have in my life. I’m on HUD and live in an apartment independently. Plus I get to keep my income aside from bills.


I don’t like people telling me what to do and you probably get that at group homes a bit.

They could ask nicely do you want to do this and i could say yes or no but they should not tell me to do something specially if i don’t want to.

I prefer living on my own with my dog.
Hopefully one day I can live with my boyfriend.

I get a cleaner once a month.

I probably couldn’t afford supported living unless it was cheaper or free from government.

In the future If I was risking being homeless and or not able to take care of myself I guess i would think about it if I was eligible.

Hopefully I can stay here rest of my life.

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If it was one in the UK like the one i was in…yes

If it was like the one in the US i lived in…no.


I probably won’t be alive by the time togo to a group home so. So yeah iwould

I live in a townhouse with my husband. If he dies I would like to rent out one of the bedrooms. I don’t think I need a group home unless in the future I need one financially.

I live with family but if they were annoying me too much I wouldn’t mind living in a group home. Once I looked it up and it was 400$/month for a room.


If I were widowed, I would consider a group home. I would not be able to live by myself. I can’t work. And when I’m alone too much, my thoughts and feelings get very, very dark. I’m a danger to myself when left alone for too many hours.


I guess I’m very accepting and good at adapting because when I lived at the board & care home from 1990-1995 I didn’t mind it too much. I got used to it and certainly didn’t hate it. I didn’t like having to make my bed every morning and it was weird eating dinner at 4:00 pm every night but we had a lot of freedom and didn’t have to do any cleaning or shopping for food or cooking. And when I lived in the group home just 6 years ago it was kind of an adventure and I had many positive moments. I don’t know if I would want to move into one now, things have changed and it might not be as fun.


I was offered one but i would have had very little money to live on and i couldn’t sacrifice my income at the time, itt would have used up all of my benefit money, I’m glad i chose not to.


I have lived in a group home for a year and a half. If you are lonely the group home helps. I was lonely before I went to the group. I’m less lonely overall. And I get to do errands with the group… so it helps to get out more. I live in a group home that doesn’t make you have a job. My behavioral counselor told me to go to a group home…… and my parents agreed. So I didn’t have a choice. After a while this situation helped me. My father helps, financially….so he wouldn’t support me if I didn’t go to the group home.


Probably not. There’s not many group homes where I live and I think they take ur whole check. Or at least most of it.


I was told i could supplement my income by doing chores, it was very little money though. i think it worked out at £80 a week plus £15 for chores, it could have worked but it was a lot less than what i needed bc i smoked at the time as well.


Well at least there’s that

Idk if they do that around here but I would hope they do. It’s definitely a possibility…

But like you said it’s not a lot of money


This thread has given me options… I plan to learn the required skills for a year or so until, if I can manage on my own come to fruition then do that. Here we have NDIS which I think support or funds the group home idea, which is good till I can get on my feet. Thanks for this post

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I have a two room apartment by myself. I don’t want to have unreasonable people in my life. And I like control of my own money. Another thing, I have to have a special diet for a constricted throat.