Would you move to a group home if it made your life easier?

Would you move to one if it meant you received benefits more easily and actually had people to talk to with staff to support you and spend time with you + eat with you on christmas day + extended family kinda. If you had no family in your life would you consider it?

What would be the downfalls and positives for you?


maybe if i was estranged from my family.

i appreciate you all very much but i like my plains (non mi) as well. it can be relaxing to hear what the kroger’s sales are, or who got a promotion.

from people that have lived many years in group homes, i’ve heard it is bad. some are agressive and staff doesn’t seem good.

it might be nice though to always have someone available to talk to. it’s nice to not feel i need to be teaching, or role modeling here, as i feel that way talking with my children. having someone that knows how horrid it can be even when you fear just saying the words.

I’ve lived in a group home for over sixteen years. The one I am at is pretty good. The quality of these places can vary. At a group home I don’t feel cut off from the rest of society. I’m surrounded by people who have similar problems to mine. The quality of the residents where I stay can vary. Most of the people who arrive here don’t stay that long. If we get a few rough characters here it can put a strain on things. It’s never too horrible, though. A few, like myself, stay here for years and years.


I’ve considered it but with myself working it might be difficult for me to continue working as I’d become more dependent on others than I already am at home.

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I would consider it even with family.

I have had paranoia and delusions about my family…

But still have some contact and support.

When I feel I am not coping with everyday life the thought crossed my mind.

Thing is I do not want to be more disabled by people there taking my independence that I do have away from me and feeling power kicks thinking they have power of me in maliciously ways so they feel they are…

I have my license,car, home to live in .
I do my own hygiene,I clean home and do dishes and garbage and pick weeds even and assist my boyfriend.

If they put me in s home they would probably strip me of my independence and take away my ability I now have.

I do not think they would empower me or encourage me .

I think their are woman politicians that want to take my boyfriend away from me and use politics to try and do so.

They might want to put me in a home so that he is up for grabs…

Not the first time.

I do not feel up to work but I say thank you in my prayers for the ability I do have.

I can not drive all places and need help sometimes but I do good.

I hope to be well enough to find s place I can volunteer work at with out paranoia etc sbout people there.

A group home may have 24/7 staff if needed which might feel good if panic etc

You usually get your own room but share kitchen.

There could be daily activities you can chose to do if you are up for it like pottery or art or cooking etc

My bf has handled me well so far .
He puts me to bed and makes sure I had my medication.

I also manage my budget really well.

Pay for my neigher and myself and bills are ontime etc.

It is good that they are around though n they can help a lot of people.

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I do not want to go to a home.

It is more open than hospital.

But I have boyfriend,neigher n woffers to care for as well as my self n home

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Some assisted living homes offer a lot of support.

Some have inclusions but do not force activities.

If I felt I could not cope…

It is good to know that there are good supported living homes out there.

I do not feel so tough.

Someone said I have skin on my nose .

Not sure if I agree.:blush:

My boyfriend gets called out and I am responsible of his dogs and home and my neigher .

I sometimes feel like I can not cope and have panic and worse.

I talk to myself to remind myself what I am doing and I say it’s ok .

Recently I have thought about living in a assisted living home in another state where I grew up .

Possibly NSW or Qld.

But I have my neigher,bf etc
The plan to live together rest of our lives.
Would mean me staying which is da plan.

I am not used to living in this climate with dryness and fires etc and such hot days.
I do love :two_hearts: it here though.

I do miss sweet and salt water to take a dip in as it is very healing and peaceful to me.

But there is a lot of beauty here too.

I can not transport myself independently to all places.

I feel afraid.

I moved interstate to be with my bf and moved my neigher here too.

She might be angry cause I moved her from a paradise paddock.
Huge,lush grass and surrounded by horses and people who adore her.

Her new paddock has shade and water and surrounded by other horses in paddocks next to her.

Hope she will make friends n settle in .

N me too.

She seems angry .

Anders took care of me and gave great cuddles.
So what if we did not get jiggy so good.

I was so messed up n apologise as I was not myself.

I hope he knows me so deeply that he knows I was not myself and others were steering me and inside me and I had voices moanes and screams.

He might always be sacred to me and a few others too.

We do not have contact now.

My bf is great but some of his friends are a bit on the horrid side to me and attacked me and hated on me and want look down on me thinking they are superior and I’m just trash…

Some of them were very rude.

They all seem to think I am under their wing and that I am nothing.

So is not the case and they are not to keep disrespecting me.

Not in spirit either.

I sent a Xmas card to a feminist politician and I do think it is important.
My mum adores her.

I told my bf I do not agree with me as woman obeying her man as it can work both ways in cool flow.
He can obey me too.
Help each other out etc

One of his friends is going to sit next to me and direct me how to drive to a town where my psychiatrist appointment is.
I can not drive there by myself yet.

Hopefully soon I will be able to drive there alone.

I still get feelings that I am not always coping.
Specially when there are fires and stuff and I have the dogs to care for.
And when my great man is out.

Last time it flooded I was very good because I shoveled and swept water out of car port and saved house from flooding.

But I love water so maybe that’s why I did well but fire I am afraid of fire and could not cope.

This point in time I am coping well enough.

I manage every day dishes,dinners etc

If I need to go to supported living in future it’s good to know they are there.

It was mentioned I might get a care worker to meet on regular basis.

I hope they understand I can not handle employment.

Last time I was hospitalised because they expected me to do things I was not well enough to do.

Maybe I will be able to get pension and find a place I can volunteer work without paranoia etc against the people there.

Otherwise I could knit a blancet for emergency relief and keep taking care of home,hygiene,cook,dishes etc

The thought to marry my man is there.

I do think of Anders though.

Anders and my man are alike so alike in so many ways.

I would love to have some friends who have the same sense of humour as me.

I do not laugh often.

Even if it was spirit friends that our bodies may not hang out.

I am so grateful for my great boyfriend.

And other things too.

Anyway the homes can be great but some of them might be abusive and steal money etc

I would do just about anything if it truely made my life easier- what would I have to lose?
If I weren’t married I’d strongly consider a group home, I do better around others, alone I deteriorate pretty fast.

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I tend to find seniors on chat forums and social media every single day. I suppose internet is a kind of group home in a way, and it is much cheaper, and it leaves possibilities open like having your crush over, or starting a little repair business to advertise on craigslist or ebay.

I would not be surprised if the rates of closing retirement manors begins to decline in the next few decades as the internet era generations finds seniority.

No, because I would have to give up my pets.

Probably. But some places don’t allow cars or girlfriends. And there’s a curfew and stuff and you got to go to groups. I think room and board is better for those who are higher functioning.

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In in England things are diffrent. group homes are peoples homes and we actually have a tenency agreement so have loads of rights.

I think England is further along when it comes to benefits.

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If I had no family for support I’d consider it. For me the issue would be holding onto independence over things I’m capable with, whilst getting support for the things I’m less capable with. It would be about being able to maintain a measure of independence whilst getting help and support where needed.

Above all I’d have to be certain I didn’t lose online access.

I had a group home or supportive housing situation available to me but it wasn’t right for me.
Both of my roommates were both extremely reclusive and antisocial.
I am back living at my parents house.

The isolation at the group home proved to be too much for me.

@bobbilly Your situation might be different.
Not all group homes are bad places to live.

If I didn’t have family that was available to me I would reconsider it again.

You have roommates in group homes in the states? Omg

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It crossed my mind for a moment. I tend to look normal to the outside world, but I am not really capable of running a household at the moment.

But I get very very sad, irritated and rebellious if people take away my freedom and independence and treat me in a paternalistic way. In wards I am always a loner and get in conflicts with the “authorities” there about them interfering with my life and making stupid rules that have no use. I think I would be one of the worst persons to be put in a group home.

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