Would you get deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery for schizophrenia?

i think i would get dbs surgery if it worked

if you are interested there are clinical trials availible

No surgeries here, if I can avoid it. What is dbs surgery anyway.

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Yeah ■■■■ surgeries I hope I never get cut open. But yeah I don’t know what a DBS is anyways.

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they put a pace maker in your chest that sends electricity to the parts of the brain responsible for schizophrenia. it works for depression already

@cactustomato , it can cause bleeding. It’s not safe as far as I know.

some people take so many meds its probably safer and then not everyone is even cured with meds

I’d think about getting it, depends on how well it works.

No…the device the aliens implanted works just fine for me thank you :wink:

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No elective surgeries for me thanks… My meds work well and I don’t like the thought of stuff being implanted…

If I’m 80 and need a pace maker or something… I’ll cross that idea when it needs to happen.

what is dbs? deep brain… something, right?

no. having things implanted in me is my nightmare and a big issue of mine. i wouldn’t do it willingly and fear having it thrust upon me.

Deep Brain Stimulation.

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I guess if all else had failed and life was intolerable I would get dbs.

i think i would too it makes more sense than blocking all your nuerotransmitters when you can just buzz one part of the brain and have it fix itself. i wonder how well the brain heals after cutting it open

I wouldn’t trust a single thing implanted in me.

even if there were no med side effects? im surprised so many are against it, it sounds like a smarter approach to curing it than meds

I wouldn’t want anyone to put me to sleep, cut me open, and then install a device into my chest.

i hear ya. its gotta at least be good for people who get no effect from medicine

I’m not medicated nor officially diagnosed (It was suggested by a psychiatrist around 6-7 months ago). Either way implants can go away.