Would you get deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery for schizophrenia?

sorry but i wouldn’t like to be a human lab rat, and it sounds very risky imo

This is malvok’s way of saying he actually hates the medications and acknoleges that the school of psychiatry is still in its infancy.

Hahaha just kidding buddy. Having a little fun. Lighten up. caugh wheeze

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You got that part right. I do hate medications. I struggle to take them often but I know that they work for me. I don’t really have a choice about taking them.

Good advice, it’s something I need to do more often.

I think it sounds interesting - but it also sounds very early in terms of its validation. Its one thing to take a medication as part of an early trial - you can always just stop the medication if you have a bad reaction. Much harder to reverse brain surgery… or other surgery. But definitely something to keep an eye on. I know that in severe depression - that has not responded to any other therapy - they do it.

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Yep and insurance isn’t going to cover it for schizophrenia any time soon. There’s got to be a lot more evidence that it helps for them to start paying for it.

If I had a good chance to be symptom free from this surgery then I’d get it. As it stands, meds work well for me and I can’t afford the surgery so it’s kind of a hypothetical.


Heck yeah, I would have this done if I had the opportunity. Alter the brain circuits that cause the living hell of psychosis and depression? Isn’t that exactly what we want? 650 mg of anti-psychotic medication keeps my symptoms in check but I’d take DBS over it.

**This does sound promising-but scary as well.

If this was proven to work well with few side-effects, and I had no other less invasive options, I’d consider it. Especially if my quality of life were very low. I say this who as someone who has had a cardiac pacemaker since age 12 and am currently on my fourth implant. Definitely a good area for research, but it will be a looooooooong time before this is offered as an option for those with SZ, if ever.


one day nanite sensors will do the stimulating using wireless power. that would be cooler

I would do it but I wouldn’t wanna be the test dummy lol

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