Would you ever date a psychologist/psychiatrist or therapist?

if you met someone and they happened to be in the mental health field , would you date them or would that be uncomfortable?

no way. i would feel like a project or a case study. absolutely not.

(i should note that i am married, and not to a mental health professional, but to a mathematician. so admittedly it’s easier to discount people from the potential pool from this vantage point.)

Yeah I thought about that as well , i dont want to be a study or feel like im being evaluated all the time

that’s definitely the first thing that went through my mind when reading your post. feeling like i’m being evaluated is a better way of phrasing. that’s it exactly.

I think they would all be out of my league. I’ve known many who I would like to sleep with though.


Student yes, once their fully qualified and working, no way! They need to take thier frustration out on someone and that is their partner. Hard to explain but a case of putting their foot down on what they would just tolerate while working. Would depend greatly on each person and situation but found that’s the majority of what happens to them, Totally love the students though as they are so open minded. But wonder often if it’s just a game till things start getting serious.

I dated a worker at the group home I was living in years ago. It was an ugly, messed up relationship.

I would marry them and test their limits, as I plan on going into the mental health field myself, I am majoring in psychology. Like I would just be schizo on them and see if they really love me. LOL. I want to marry a very sexually attractive psychologist and make him/her lose their minds, me coming home and fainting after working out too hard, peeing in the sink, never doing the dishes or laundry, playing with pets instead of paying them attention, staying on my laptop or tablet for hours without looking up, buying food but just enough for me and not them, hiding the tv remote, pouring out expensive bottles of alcohol, rummaging through their personal stuff, demanding to read their texts and emails, training them in hand to hand combat, ect.

Let the games begin

Edit- I want to be a psychologist or social worker so this would be interesting, the mad doctor and the sane significant other

I’ve never had a chance to date one.

If I was single again and that chance came up… I wouldn’t turn love away due to a profession.


Yes, why not, would be funny to see who would me more messed up after the relationship would end.


I personally would not date a mental health professional - but I guess it depends.
My last psychiatrist was very attractive. Sometimes my thoughts would wander off and I would daydream about being with this person - marriage etc… I honestly dont think that a person’s career choice really matters

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What you’re describing is not being sz. That would be very disrespectful to act like that in a relationship. Maybe you’re kidding though and I don’t get the joke. I hope you wouldn’t treat someone like that. Your relationship wouldn’t last very long. :sunny:


I was literally going to say the exact same thing about being a case study lmao

It’d be a little uncomfortable, but I might date them… i dunno yet XD

Once the pdoc or therapist finds out i am a patent myself . She will change the phone number and address. Lol

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that would never happen they think of us as their â– â– â– â–  patients. they prefer the patients they can give their adderall and xanax then out the door, with us they gotta work for their money