Would you date a mental health professional?

I mean would they be understanding and see you as you or your illness

It would depend on what they are like as an individual. My wife is far more empathetic and emotionally intelligent than the vast majority of professionals I’ve dealt with. And she herself has a plethora of diagnoses. She’s not a mental health worker, but she’d like to be one day.


Not if I was on their case load. Maybe if I wasn’t. It would depend on the individual.

never. never in a million years.

because even if they were an awesome person who truly cared about me, at some point i’d become suspicious that this was some kind of “experiment”, and i wouldn’t be able to erase that doubt, just knowing that they get paid to counsel people like me.

my abusive mother went back to school to get a psychology degree, and became a social worker for the dept of children and families… she got paid to be kind to children from abusive homes, while still being an abusive parent to her own children. she was paid to listen to the mentally ill and offer them assistance, while denying the needs of her mentally ill children.

profession and personality are different, but complexly intertwined things.


Certainly NOT a psychiatrist. I think those people have an evil side to them.


I would. But are you asking because you want to date that guy?

I don’t know about evil, but some of the psychiatrists I’ve dealt with (usually in the capacity as a care giver, but also as a patient) are just plain arrogant narcissists who won’t sit down on anything less than a throne. They draw a conclusion the moment they see you and it becomes immovable. I have also had to defend a life long ADHD diagnosis on numerous occasions just because it doesn’t fit inside their belief set. Yeap. Those particular types of psychiatrists just promote distrust and a completely dysfunctional relationship. They also seem to be the ones who consult at public hospitals.

I would if I liked them.
I had one psychiatrist that offered me a place to live in his house when I was going through my divorce, I was appreciative of his offer and told him so.
It didn’t seem weird to me, even though he was about 25+ years my senior, we had a lot in common-even the same sense of humor.

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I would not have an issue with dating a mental health professional.

Only if they absolutely nothing to do with my care.

When I was first admitted there was a big problem. All the junior doctors on the staff were friends of mine from my time at medical school. There was a kinda conflict of interests.

Yeah it would be absolutely critical.

My knowledge of psychology and medical science became a serious problem in my marriage for a while there. Until I learnt what aspects of my behaviour constituted being a therapist.

it would depend if he were very cute. lol!!! judy :smiley:


It depends on how she feels about my illness. I also would make sure she wasn’t my doctor, One problem though is the glaring difference between us as she would be a professional woman and I am currently a bum. So while it would be interesting we wouldn’t be talking about a long term relationship more than likely.

What about a nurse a mental heal nurse

I think that I’d have my fantasy psychologist date out matched albeit some very conflicting convo

I’ll meet him just as a friend then

Sorry @anon80629714 I must have missed an earlier post. Have you got a date with a nurse? How did you meet him?

:slight_smile: I have not @Jimbob but we’re talking

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Good for you! I am sure he will be a lot nicer than those online pervs who were messaging you before.

My nurse is a male nurse and he’s hot for an older guy. If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would love to have one that can take care of me like a psychiatrist