Need opinions please - Free psychotherapy option

The University is offering free psychotherapy to some lucky people. It would be conducted by a graduate student of the University and I am free for the time slots that are offered.

I just want your opinions, should I talk with someone? I haven’t seen a doctor in months and this would just be a student overseen by a psychologist but still they have some years of training. It would benefit the students as well to see an actual schizophrenic instead of just reading about one.

There is no guarantee that I would be accepted but I would say my chances are pretty good to get into this session.

I am also considering that I myself as a psychology major would be exposing things potentially dangerous to my career of choice, given that these are future colleagues or employers.

What would you do in my situation?

I don’t think it could hurt. It seems unlikely that these same people would be working with you in the future. Additionally, I’m sure there would be certain privacy guidelines that they would follow.


Why not, students have to learn some manners and empathy somewhere.

You get to talk to someone, and they get to learn something. It’s sounds good. There are privacy guidelines in place and a supervisor is making sure this person isn’t a problem himself.

I’ve done a few of these when I was younger it was Ok.

My therapist serves as an internship site for student psychologists. He’ll let a student sit in and observe our sessions. A few times, the student has had a good suggestion on my treatment. And they also bring in a fresh perspective. I’ve benefited greatly from this. I say Go for it!



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I’m spent years as a therapist. Dealt with a whole lot of people who believed all schizophrenics shouldn’t be therapist. Even though I was good at it. And if you tell them about any thing they consider a delusion they will definitely not want you to be a therapist. Or talking about being depressed they will consider it due to suffering from schizophrenia. I hate telling you this. But I learned it the hard way. Last therapist job I had I told the human recourses lady why I took Zyprexa. Then she broke the law and told the supervisors and soon was fired. Even though I was obviously a lot better than my messed up co-worker. For instance she proudly hated all man. But worked with them a lot at the job. And they fired me. etc.

i think it would be great for the student to see that us sz aren’t just wandering the streets in an afgan singing and muttering things. go for it! :slight_smile:

i would do it, maybe they have new ways too improve your life.
because the psychotherapist has learned it from nowadays old text books, and maybe outdated research
besides the young hold the future, they are eager, yet might lack the experience.
still this might give you a fresh view.

as for your fear, how likely is it that they become your future colleagues or employers?

I wouldn’t apologize for being interested in psychology for personal interest. I would have been, but I am small and, as you know, the mentally ill can get physically out of hand !

i think it is a good idea as long as you feel safe and comfortable in the enviroment.
take care

I’ve had experience with this. If you don’t mind the stigma, then go for it. I found that people were more judgemental, and at another university less so, but either way it still carried a sense of confusion and uneasiness. College counselors are not always trained as well as a psychologist with a Phd or a counselor even at a private practice. Just be careful not only of your reputation, but they’ve also broken rules when I told a therapist–twice. This was because the therapist was free so I thought I’d utilize the resource, but they always break confidentiality! Always, in my experience. I was raped and then the therapist just announced that I didn’t have to go to the “trial” where the college got involved with local police to try and convict the rapist and it failed, the college just kicked him out temporarily, and I was forever stuck with the fear they roamed the halls, because it was a gang rape on college campus and nothing was done. Well, having this label may have even added to the stigma, because they claimed I wasn’t well enough to be present, when I was fine–I just wanted justice!

Surprised about the amount of responses received, I am considering your input.

I think I may go ahead with it and it is not certain they will even see me at any rate.

Thank you for your opinions, be peaceful this day.

I also say go for it. If it makes you uncomfortable at any time, you can always stop. The student psychologist may have great empathy, and psychological skills. If it were offered at my school, I would definitely give it a try. I am also a psychology major.

Well the student is a Ph.D. candidate for clinical psychology and of course everything is reviewed and monitored by a licensed psychologist.

Perhaps I worry too much, I’m sure this will be fine for all involved.

Since the student is a Ph D candidate and is being monitered, I would say go for it if you wish. You can stop at anytime and it could be beneficial for you :smiley: