Would you agree to this statement?

Szs have work to do when it comes to the statement "Bad things can happen.? We want a super rosy glow to life that isn’t always real.


Life is full of ups and downs for everyone.

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The downs are so unpleasant.

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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Maybe we’re not as adaptable to stress as others. So we try to avoid it in both thought and deed.


My condition comes in waves. I can be depressed as hell for a week - and yet a beautiful smile from the cashier in the supermarket can make my day - and I’m back too normal.

I’m partly Eupd as well - so that probably explains it. But bloody hell its hard work dealing with your emotions, trying to use logical thinking to get over it - only having to repeat the process.

Funnily enough i spoke to a Psych Nurse about it (i was mis hearing conversations from the open windows, and getting the arse). And she said - don’t be too harsh on myself, cos im suffering from a severe mental illness. And too cut myself some slack.

Us lot simply have got to learn our own personal coping skills. And its a life long process,

Anyway - im off topic as pure bloody usual, but its all ups and downs. But remember it all comes in waves, and you will get some relief at some point.


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