Right.... like im not fishing for sympathy


Im so annoyed with the SZ symptoms. I had a rubbish Christmas and I had about 4 hours of auditory hallucinations today. I was able to function - but it was just a god damm pain. Worse I have been having that awful crappy depression/despair thing over the last while.

I’m not suicidal by any means at the moment. I just look at the limited friends I have. They are all in relationships and getting on with their lives. Instead - im getting fatter and uglier every year. I want a better life - but the fun SZ induced brain damage has just caused so much damage to my life - coupled with some extreme personal issues.

Like - im sick of getting such a god damm raw deal. I’m just despairing… Like why do I have to be the punch bag of life.

Its just as well I have a lot of anhedonia or whatever, as I guess Id actually feel worse, if I didnt have the numbed emotions.

Sorry you’re feeling so bad. Hope you feel better soon. I got fatter on antipsychotics, and I had to do extreme dieting to lose the extra weight. A lot of us got a raw deal too, so at least you’re not alone.

Thanks hun.

I actually do feel a lot better by just having venting it.

Anyone else feeling like giving out? :smile:

hope you are feeling better today.
take care

I’m glad your venting. It’s good to get it out. It’s frustrating and hard to cope with at times. I still have my voices, but I’m getting better at ignoring them. I do a lot of relaxation so I can cope with them.

I also took up a few hobbies to prove to my brain that it can still do stuff.

You don’t have to be the punching bag of life. You can punch it back. There are a lot of us on here who are walking and loosing weight, learning more about SZ so we can over come it.

Welcome to site, and I hope you get ideas.

Sorry you are feeling bad. do you have pets?

For me it is helping to have my 2 puppies because they need me and love me unconditionally.


Cute puppies.

Im living with parents (I’m that successful). They don’t like animals in the house. I think I have an allergy to cats and im not sure about dogs…

Nice try :smile:

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Have you tried joining a support group? There is a schizophrenia group where I live that has one and also an art group. They also hired me to run the art group once or twice a month for a few bucks :smiley: Also hamsters are great pets, but don’t give them fresh vegetables only dried vegetables otherwise they will die. My hamster wouldn’t eat fresh food only kibble and he lived for 4 years. I am allergic to cats and dogs but not hamsters.

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Just want to offer a ((((HUG)))))) to you Martin.