Would you adopt an older dog?

I got my dog when he was about 5. He had been abused. But he’s a good boy and I’m very lucky to have him. He’s around 11 or 12 now. He’s the best dog ever


i adopted my dog when he was 8 years old.

i would adopt a really old dog if i could afford to.
i say that because medical/vet cost could be expensive with a older dog.

you dont get much time with them but you are giving them a gift.
you are giving them quality time and that the last days of their life will be happy.
that they will be loved and cared for.

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I’ve gotten dogs at a variety of ages, including one in her teens. Older dogs are great; we have the same energy level.

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My mum recently adopted an older dog who was found wandering the streets in a terrible way (see picture). I have included a picture of him now that he is being looked after. I’m definitely an advocate of adopting pets rather than buying them and older dogs deserve a chance to be loved


No i dont ever think ill want a dog.

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