Would Gaslighting be a censored Topic

Would the topic of Gaslighting and expressing your personnel experiences of what it was like to live through, be a bannable material upon a mental health platform.

If you’re seeking help for that delusion,

Than, yes, we can talk about gaslighting.

Can you please explain gaslighting clearly as I don’t know what it is, and Google doesn’t make any sense to me in the context of posting it here

I’m willing to talk about it. Is your post interactive though… Are you able to follow it up with something?

Why are you always posting about gaslighting? I swear its the 4th ive seen from you latley.


Some people don’t really understand what gaslighting means,

So they use it to describe a lot of things.


Gaslighting is an abuse tactic where an abuser does something bad to a person, then pretends it never happened and says the person is crazy and making up stories. It is a way abusers get away with mistreating the people in their care, particularly children and disabled adults. If this has happened to you, it is okay to talk about here.

It is not a community-wide conspiracy to torment a person into believing they are insane. Anyone who believes this has been done to them is, in fact, delusional. It is okay to seek help overcoming this delusion on here. It is not okay to try and convince others your delusion is real.


What if he doesn’t want help and simply just wants to share his personnel experiences?

There’s a whole lot of gas lightning going on isn’t it?

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Bare with me. Hope my English is understandable.

Yes. I am part of gaslighting.

My neighbors makes noise in the ceiling in my room. Every day and all day i hear kids and adults make loud noises. Every time they make loud noises I start to believe that they are helping me understand how to live My mental illness and to break free from it (cure).

Every noise they make changes my action and free will. They want me to BELIVE in “playing with the devil and be gangster”.

The more I disagree with them. The more they make loud noises.

They got to a point were they can control my resting heart rate. The more loud bangs the more my heart beat raises.

I tried asking them to lower the noises but they didn’t listen

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