Would face peircings work. For. Me?

Was gonna buy a phone but I don’t need a new phone now and maybe developing a unique look would be cool. Based on what you’ve seen of my face, what would you say? Would it suit my face? Would it suit my personality? To give you an idea of my personality view this youtube video

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maybe just get your ear pieced first…see how you feel then.
i hope you have a good day.:heart:
take care :alien:

I agree, I would not necessarily do full facial piercings but one ear done can look really good.

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Piercings are a much better way to look like ghetto trash than getting tatoo’s. At least piercings can be removed when you get older and decide you dislike them.

Granted, I think you’re better off accepting yourself as you are and saving the money for a rainy day, but there’s much worst you could be doing with it.

It’s really your decision to make. An ear piercing would look cool :smile:

If you want to be noticed, be noticed for the right reasons. Accomplish something.


Does a nice bracelet accomplish anything?. Does a nice hat accomplish anything. Anything that changes your look accomplish anything?

The audio cuts out really early in the video, plus your roommate walking around the back of the video makes it look like the Blair witch project. So I’d just stick with an ear piercing if you wanted something.

yes, it will work for you.

Do it.

Don’t like it take it out.