Thinking of getting a piercing

I’ve had 15, taken them all out over the years. Last big purge was my 5150 when they took them from me. Holes are all filled back up.

I’ve had my left earlobe twice, right once, Both tragus, Eyebrow twice, tongue, both nipples, belly button twice, and three others :expressionless::neutral_face::wink:

I wouldn’t want it to be visible, but I’m running out of dangly bits to poke holes in.

Rational mind tells me it’s just an urge and to let it pass. Sick mind is telling me to get dermal implants of various gems at my chakra points, specially my third eye.

Anyone else a piercing fan? Whatcha got?



I’ve pierced my ears three times,

And let them grow back every single time.

I’m just not good with jewelry.

It aggravates me and I mess with it.

I only wear my wedding band, engagement ring,

Occasionally a ring my son gave me and a locket with his picture.

But no real piercings.


I have 2 piercings on my left ear but I decided to let them close.
Getting too old for earrings.

Had my nose pierced when I was younger but it got infected so I took the hoop out.

I used to wear lots of jewelry in my 20’s and 30’s.

Today I’m jewelry free except for an occasional watch.

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I don’t have any except my ear, the traditional holes. But I say go for it if it pleases you in some way. Unless you think it’s an unhealthy urge, then resist and find something else to occupy your mind.


It could be something unhealthy, I’ll have to weigh where it’s coming from.

I’ve narrowed down that tattoo’s can trigger me, I know I don’t need any more arcane symbols on my body. 27% coverage is plenty.

Perhaps it’s wave of wanting to reclaiming my youth. Back when I was a wild child. I admit I still dwell on those times.

Hope you’re doing well!

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had both ears peirced then got my brow but that didnt last long, then my tounge for like 7 years now none. no tatoos. wanted tats since I was 15 but my friend once told me if you want a tat wait 4 months and if you dont want to change it get it, but Im now in my thirties still want a tat but always changed it lol

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Have the traditional ears pierced and got my nose done last Xmas. Really pleased the nose one stays in as I got a ball end.

I have an industrial in my left ear three piercings in my lobe; two cartilage and three lobe piercings in my right, my tongue is pierced (@18 yrs old) had that done and over years it stretched to a 10g and then I had it stretched and I jumped a gauge to a 6g. I have my belly button pierced. I pierced my own lip when I was 15 with a safety pin. I have had both nipples pierced (twice) and a few others. Over all I had 13 or so at one time. All my piercings and tattoos have been done professionally except the one I did myself and it was an impulse thing during a psychotic coming down period…it was crooked so I took it out. I was a dumb kid then. Lol

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