Worst sound on earth

People smacking noise while eating. Can’t stand it.


Babies crying while going through withdrawal is probably the most heart breaking sound I have ever heard. I’m not classifying it as the worst sound to hear because it makes me irritable, but because its just horrifying to hear the little babies in so much pain.

Now that I have effectively killed the mood, I would say the sound that makes me most irritable is lip smacking especially while eating. Sometimes people can’t help it, but I will ask them if they’re looking for a record deal with the symphony of sounds coming from their mouth when eating.

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It’s very overplayed- there’s even a video of a guy who awkwardly plays this song.

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Certain peoples voices.
High pitched or nasal voices bother me.

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People grinding teeth :grimacing:

Or the screech of adolescent seagulls

Wet mouth noises and my dog licking himself over and over.

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There is a name for this. I have it to.

Misphonia. Everyone has it to a degree.