Worst dirty look ever!

Was at the pharmacy section of the local supermarket, waiting for my parents to get their flu shots.
The pharmacist in charge gave me the dirtiest most hate filled look I’ve ever experienced in a long time!

It was only for a second.
I have never seen this guy in my life.
Seems like he was judging me and didn’t like what he saw.

Maybe it’s because of my super casual attire and full beard.

No I’m not paranoid and didn’t imagine it.

All I know is that it made me uncomfortable.
Never want to experience that again.


maybe she had to fart and was holding it in.:rage:


No he was a middle aged man.
He was wearing a pressed shirt and tie.
Probably thought I was a Hobo or homeless.
I say ■■■■ him.


I have experienced da look of hate many times even by loved ones.

That’s with them…

You know you and they do not sometimes ones closest do not even know.

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Strangers always give me dirty looks. I curse under my breath

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No the odd thing is I rarely experience dirty looks from strangers.
Not this intense!

The old me would’ve pulled a “crazy” on him (as I called it) and said in a slow deep voice “I’d watch out. I can read your mind” and then laughed and said “hey relax I’m kidding”. Even though I actually could haha. I don’t do stuff like that anymore. Kinda getting too old for that ■■■■