Worrying alot about my mother, maybe I shouldn't

My mother I am happy cleaned herself up from drugs a couple/few years ago and is doing well at her new job she got a few months ago. But when she got the job she lost her health insurance. now she tells me she had to stop taking her blood pressure medication and other meds too and that her doc wrote her a letter to tell her her bloodwork from before this her kidney function was low and she needs more tests, but, she can’t get them.

I offered to buy the blood pressure pills only but she refused my offer. I am worried sick something is going to happen.

Also my best friend with his high blood pressure. He is taking twice what he is prescribed but i can’t do anything about it he is not mentally ill I guess.
Some twelve step program saying “detach with love” does not seem to be the answer this time.


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You need to take care of your mom before she winds up sitting in a hospital bed. Happened with my mom I’ll use me as an example. I wasn’t paying close attention to her symptoms. She would hardly drink any water for herself. She got dehydrated one time. Second time she wasn’t getting the correct bloodwork and she wound up having lithium toxicity. I thought she was going to die then. Then on the same hospital stay her diebetes reached a critically high number. Don’t feel guilty if something bad happens to your mom. Just wish you did all that was in your power to take care of her.