Worried about friend

My mentally ill friend just went through a really bad breakup. She hasn’t gone to school all week, and she won’t respond to any of my texts. I’m worried she might do something rash. How do I help, what do I do?

What mental illness does she have?
Is she suicidal?

She’s been suicidal in the past. She has ptsd, depression, and anxiety

Why don’t you go to her place to see her?

I don’t want to her to think I don’t trust her. I’m hoping her brother will stay home again to watch over her

Does she have a psychiatrist or therapist?

She has a therapist. I think she meets with him on Saturdays

That’s good. 15151515

Yeah. She just texted me. She says she’s doing alright but I don’t know if I believe her

Was it a serious relationship?

She must be too young for a serious relationship, I guess

She’s 14. It was pretty serious, she said they’d been intimate

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