Need advice on handling a friend

I have a friend whos bi polar hes been threatning suicide. He was texting me yesterday morning about wanting to kill himself then he stopped so i ran down there. He was ok i got him calmed down we put together my kids trampoline…he left and the police and a crisis team came to his house because his mom was worried. He lied his way out of going to a mental hospital. Im worried about him should i speak up and try to convince him to go or continue inviting him to do stuff and cone over and play ps4 games with me? I guess im asking whats the best plan of attack on this. Am i doing him harm not saying anything about him bsing his way out of going to the mental hospital…just frustrated and worried.

Yes, you definitely should convice him. Make sure to tell him his problems pass, that the pain is temporary and the solution his after is permanent. We all have to deal with pain, it’s part of life.
I’m sorry, this is very hard. Hope this is helpful in anyway.

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Thanks for tge response

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I don’t know if you should go to the authorities every time he mentions suicide, because he will discover that talking about it brings unwelcome consequences, and he’ll stop talking about it. Suicide is often a kind of emotional blackmail, but if you don’t give the kind of emotions he wants he might go through with it. Try to keep some emotional distance from him. Be supportive, but also realize you can’t fix everything for him.

Hes one of my few friends i kind of feel like hes doing it partialy for attention but mostly because he bottles up his stress till hes ready to explode. He has a therapist who seems to be helping but hes not completly open with him where as he feels comfortable with me and uses me to vent. I just dont have the experience with suicidal anxiety to give him good coping ideas.

I try to set up future plans with him doing stuff outside that i find helpful we have a plan to do a bonfire and grill out this weekend. But does anyone have any good coping techniques for these situations?