World War History: I'm evil, I'll seek best health

World War History: I’m evil, I’ll seek best health.

Goal: I’m evil, I’ll seek best health. ( It takes one to know one, this one isn’t evil but, same words/goal )

If I’m rich can ignoring the poor can be considered as necessary evil?

Any way I’m not rich

and if

I’m rich I should be considering my own health as it’s already down with mind/brain disorders.

you are not evil…
you are under the misconception because of your distorted view point due to a diagnoses of sz…that your personality some how resonates ’ evil '…it does not.
you are a good person. :heart:
take care :alien:


Hang in there, just take pleasure in your imperfections, in being imperfect, get real comfortable with it…you live,and on top of that you go to heaven for trying, screwing up, and trying again, the whole time you enjoy being human , imperfect!

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