Am I evil 👿

I feel good, but many posters on here don’t.

Am I evil?

Everybody on here is having good days and bad days. So on a any given day there will be people on here feeling good and bad.

You’re not evil for feeling good.


Some of us feel punished and that can give the idea that one is evil.


Thank you for your explanation. It makes me feel better.


I sometimes have the delusion that I am evil, but it’s just the illness talking. You’re not evil, and neither am I.


True. 151515151515

It is good to know. How do I know if the illness talks? I don’t hear any voice.

I like to ask other people. If I believe something that is crazy, my friends will usually tell me I’m wrong. They can help me see the difference between rational thoughts and irrational ones. It helps me to post on here and ask.


I am not satisfied with life, because my cognition is impaired severely by schizophrenia.
However I am grateful for my physical health, which is under my control.
If my mental health was also under my control, my situation would be outstanding.

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That’s very true actually. Well said Chordy.

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@MeghillaGorilla1, please try to restrain your inner troll.


If you’re feeling good, and others aren’t, that’s not evil, that’s just good.
Why not share what works for you, or just your ‘good’ spirits in the hopes it will lift us all up a notch or two?
That’s hardly the work of evil.


Wtf @MeghillaGorilla1

I’m losing my ■■■■ I know.
Having a really rough time lately.
Just being cynical

Ok well I hope you feel better…I was just taken back a little by what you said to @Plumber

Random question to anyone out there. What’s it mean when people type “151515” lol

I was not serious. Just giving plumber a hard time.
I don’t think he/she is evil. Although he did say something stupid on one of my posts so I just fired back with the evil comment.


Ah ok…I thought you really meant that

Nah I’m not like that. Even the gorilla has bad days sometimes. :frowning:


I don’t see how that is evil. Everybody is at different stages of their disease. Everybody, at some point, will be doing better than someone else or worse than someone else. You can’t help it. If you disparage someone who is not doing as well as you, that would not be evil but it would be mean and cold-hearted.

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